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"In the Southern Ocean, Antarctica and around Cape Horn, every day we rely on Xaxero hard, and soft ware for us to cope with the enviroment and make the right weather decisions
After using Weather Fax for windows for 6 years on a number of yachts including the 2000 BT Global Challenge, and now Skyeye for 2 years with the New Pelagic Australis covering 48,000 nautical miles in 22 months. We sail in some of the most inhospiable and remote locations on earth, Xaxero products stack up as being brilliant.
Product up-grades,  reliable 24/7 help support, all made my choice so much easier.
Jon, Chris and all the team at Xaxero, thanks for all your ongoing help, advice and products."
Stephen Wilkins
Skipper, Pelagic Australis

I am extremely happy with the performance of your Sky Eye product that I purchased in March for the Volvo 70 yacht Movistar. It was a great asset to have for our voyage across the Southern Ocean and up the Atlantic. It is certainly the best satellite imagery software I have used.

Andrew Cape

I bought a SkyEye satellite receiver and software from Jonathan Selby at Xaxero in January 2004 which has given me hours of useful weather satellite images and information. I noticed a problem with the receiver 3 weeks ago and contacted Mr Selby who immediately asked me to check connections on the installation, they were all checked and found to be sound. Mr Selby then agreed to replace the complete unit free of charge and within days the new unit arrived - I am once again able to view the weather images around the Durban coast. Good products are backed by EXCELLENT service.

Brian Tilney Durban.

"I and many yachties in Chagos really appreciated the real time images. The weather in the Indian Ocean is very changeable, and even the radio net gurus can't see the weather systems as well as I could with Skyeye aboard. Coupled with my Inm-c I became the local weather alert station for boats in the atolls and even those on passage east and west from Chagos. I know of at least one or two who will probably get Skyeye when they get back to a less remote place.

Skyeye allowed me to suggest anchorages that would be less exposed to incoming weather, tracks that would minimize disturbed weather, and departure timing to make passages safer and more comfortable."

Steve Seide,
s/v "Sidereal Time"

Reviewed in Practical Sailor April 2002:"Some of the lowest-priced, most useful software available anywhere."

"Your software I must say is absolutely top notch and it makes meteorology very easy whilst on the boat. Thank You,"
Richard Malone

"A final note to record our thanks and grateful appreciation to Jonathan Selby for the "Sky Eye" real-time satellite weather updates. They have been invaluable and have given us incredibly accurate weather forecasts." Jennifer Murray - Polar First


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